Fashion designer Jil Sander once said: “I am convinced that there can be luxury in simplicity.” Less is more: Just the time.
  1. Uniform Wares M40
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    The contrast between the gray dial face with tan nappa leather keep this design warmly attractive despite its pared down design. Swiss made movement inside and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protects the front with anti-reflective coating that iPhone users could only wish for. More:
  2. névo
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    11 bright embedded white LED indicators light up around the névo dial to indicate how close the wearer has gotten to achieving their goal of steps, distance, or calories burned, Bluetooth connectivity ties together smartphone notifications via the névo silent vibrating alarm, and dual batteries power the watch and connected features separately working without the need to replace batteries for months instead of daily recharging. More:
  3. The Chester
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    Studio Dreimann’s watch is inspired by the detailing of an old Chesterfield couch, complete with subtle tufting details at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 positions within its sensual alloyed metal body and domed glass design. More:
  4. Ora Lattea
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    Designed by Denis Guidone for Milanese Nava Design of Italy, the Ora Lattea is a sly and humorous take on the minimalist timepiece – maybe even a little indecipherable at first. In motion the floating dot hands orbit in planetary motion, the biggest dot represents the hour and the smallest dot represents the minutes and the middle dot the centerpiece of this timekeeping solar system. More:
  5. MONA HMS-Date Superterra
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    Montres Originales Nardon et Ardilouz, MONA, offers an array of simple face design watches (including the very limited edition MONA x The Graduate Store Braddock edition), but it’s their Superterra designed for “elegant youngsters as well as family men” which seems to offer the most fashion adaptable design. More:
  6. Long Distance Classic
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    By Kitmen Keung: the same mind behind our favorite mouse pad designed a watch of equal simplicity and utility, a refined dual dial timepiece. More:
  7. Mondaine Helvetica No1 Light
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    A designer’s watch, an object communicating “mood” and “atmosphere” by honoring negative space as much as the typographic detailing it’s named after. It’s neither oversized nor an attention getter, instead adorned with a single daring detail: the asymmetrical placement of the watches branding. The part where the watch connects with the strap known as the lug is a hidden nod to the Helvetica typeface: a number "1". More:
  8. Instrmnt 01
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    A minimalist steel watch collection designed by Glasgow-based company Instrmnt that takes inspiration from industrial design of the mid-20th Century. The studio has a keen interest in functional, utilitarian products produced during that time period, especially taking interest in the simple, readable dials of analog ammeters and voltmeters designed by Dieter Rams. More:
  9. Sometimes Watch
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    The Sometimes watch you'll want to wear all the time.
  10. Braun BN0032
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    A class designed by Dieter Rams.
  11. Stencil Watch
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    A minimalist design created by Tokyo-based firm Nendo. The wristwatch is inspired by the drafting instruments utilized by draftsmen for creating precise plans and drawings. As a successor to the draftsman01, otherwise known as “Scale,” the draftsman02 “Stencil” suggests muted color tones with an even simpler form than its predecessor.