We Wish We Were in California Because We're Dreaming About This Place

Palm Springs continues to be a hot spot for weekend getaways and covetable, weeklong vacations thanks to its close proximity to Los Angeles. Just recently, the new ARRIVE hotel landed on the scene and we wish we were there! Read & see more here: http://design-milk.com/arrive-hotel-lands-palm-springs/
  1. With projects built up and down the west coast, Chris Pardo, the hotel’s busy designer, as well as co-founder, knew exactly what he wanted since he was his own client.
  2. The hotel’s property houses nine buildings with profiles that mimic the surrounding mountain ridges, while also giving nod to mid-century architecture, something Palm Springs is well known for.
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  7. The smartly designed guest rooms come with outlets for charging all your devices right where you need them.
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