For some living in a church may be a bit taboo, but for others, they welcome the challenge. Here, we’ve rounded up 10 projects where old church buildings are transformed into jaw-dropping modern homes. Read more here:
  1. A Victorian-style church in London was converted by Gianna Camilotti Interiors into a modern home while keeping its historic charm.
    Roundup church conversion 1 church conversion gianna camilotti
  2. Located in Harrlo, The Netherlands, this home was once the Dutch Reformed Evangelism Building before being transformed by Leijh Kappelhoff Seckel van den Dobbelsteen architecten.
    Roundup church conversion 2 gods loftstory lksvdd
  3. An old church in Chicago, Illinois was handed over to Linc Thelen Design and Scrafano Architects to be converted into a modern home for a family with three young children.
    Church conversion house linc thelen design 1
  4. Dating back to 1853, London’s Westbourne Grove Church was renovated by DOS Architects, who took on the top two floors turning them into a light-filled, open plan loft.
    Roundup church conversion 3 westbourne grove church
  5. Zeca Architecten transformed this old Catholic church in Utrecht, The Netherlands into a single family home while managing to work with its original character.
    Roundup church conversion 4 zecc church of living
  6. An Anglican church in Melbourne dating back to 1892 was converted by Bagnato Architects to include a modern addition and interior renovation.
    Roundup church conversion 5 church conversion bagnato
  7. Chapel on the Hill is a project that turned a Methodist Chapel near Middleton-In-Teasdale, England into a boutique property that anyone can rent out on Airbnb.
    Roundup church conversion 6 chapelonthehill
  8. Ruud Visser Architecten designed House In A Church within an old wooden church from 1930 that rests along the river De Rotte in Rotterdam.
    Roundup church conversion 7 ruud visser
  9. Cobble Hill Chez Church is a conversion designed by LABLstudio. The multi-level apartment now features modern furnishings and clean lines but it still respects the church’s architectural elements.
    Roundup church conversion 8 cobble hill church
  10. Located in Bern, Switzerland, the 1924 Luke Chapel went from rundown to two new modern homes by Morscher Architekten.
    Roundup church conversion 9 chapel in bern