1. On self
    I have never had the type of self esteem that allows me to just shake it off. But I'm trying! That comment, that jab, that criticism, really sticks. Ive wasted years of my life rolling this stuff through my head and overcoming it instead of just letting that shit go. So my advice? Focus on the goodness inside and take the nasty feedback and light it on fire 🔥
  2. On friendship
    Some people are just so worth it in this lifetime, but some are not. Differentiate. Advice? Be gracious and kind always, but make great efforts to stay close to your lifers. They not only deserve the best of you, but let them in at your worst. Share. Be open. Be vulnerable.
  3. On marriage
    Shit this ones hard because I have been going through a lot here. Advice? Choose a partner with similar values. Don't bend on your top priorities. Be forgiving of everything else. Don't lose yourself: Keep your old friends to remind you. Have a career or calling you're proud of. Do activities you like to do often and encourage your partner to do the same. Appreciate how your partner wants to be loved. Demand the same.
  4. Career/Money
    Life comes at you in stages. Advice? Study what interests you in college and keeps your attention. Fill that time up with adventures and mistakes. Choose work that challenges you. Choose to stay home with family without guilt if that is your desire. Live within your means even if your friends don't. Have a happy home not based on size.