Aka Babs
  1. Our dog has bone cancer and today is her last day here with us. I'll only show happy pictures because we are all sad enough around here.
  2. So when my daughter was 3, she became very keen on the idea of a dog. She told us she wanted 2 dogs, both named Barbara. Kids! We finally searched the local rescues until we found the one. This is the day we brought her home.
  3. These two have been thick as thieves for a long time.
  4. Barbara protected me many times. A weird plumber, a moving crew, and a door to door salesman. These men were all scared of her and I honestly believe something bad would have happened without here there.
    She wasn't wearing that sweater during those times😜
  5. I had a miscarriage and she knew. I did a lot of crying during the day when my daughter was at school and she dutifully sat on the couch with me for a week. She wouldn't eat unless I did. She wouldn't walk outside unless I went with her. She was literally by my side through the whole thing.
  6. When my son was born, he had a few complications and I was a WRECK. When we finally brought him home, she was glued to him. She ditched her dog bed and slept next to his crib every night for months.
  7. She has been the kindest friend to us. A piece of me will be missing after tomorrow. We are so sad, but are reminded she has a motley crew of our families rescue dogs to meet her at the gates tomorrow. What a sight to see!
  8. Static
  9. I hope there are endless bagels and cats to chase. We love you lots and always will.