I'm too scared to wear my Halloween costume.
  1. RSVPd YES to our neighbors Halloween Party.
  2. Hardly know them but thought this would be a good way to befriend.
  3. Was feeling cocky and anti sexy costume so I went with Frida Kahlo. (Although she was kind of a sex monster)
  4. The hubby is going as Andy Warhol.
  5. I thought it was creative and cool.
  6. And now I'm going to be walking into a party with a bunch of acquaintances with a unibrow!
  7. Why didn't I take it easy the first year? Get to know them a bit. Then do a level 8 costume NEXT year?
  8. What if I show up and there are a bunch of cats or people in t-shirts that say, "This is my costume."
  9. FML
  10. I'm gonna have to take shots beforehand.
  11. Give me some good juju.
  12. And there it is.