1. Both my kids are at home with me. Hubby too.
  2. House is clean and laundry is done.
  3. I'm showered and clean and blow dried.
  4. It's 70-80 degrees
  5. All my bills are paid.
  6. I've been to church.
  7. I have a new project at work.
  8. I've checked all my health boxes for the day.
  9. I've had enough sleep.
  10. I have something to look forward to: vacation, seeing friends or family, hosting a get together
  11. My clothes somehow come together looking stylish and comfy at the same time.
  12. There's enough ice cream in the fridge for me to have a proper bowl at the end of the day.
  13. I have cash in my wallet.
  14. I have gas in my car.
  15. My bra fits.
  16. My nails don't look like 💩