1. I don't know what to do with myself.
  2. My body is buzzing. I'm lightheaded. My hands are really shaky.
  3. More tears than all my lifetime of tears combined.
  4. I ate in my closet yesterday so my kids wouldn't see me cry.
  5. I can't focus long enough to complete a thought or sentence.
  6. We aren't even mad at each other after deciding this. It's nothing like I imagined.
  7. I can't look at him. He walks into the room and I cry.
  8. I am scared to go anywhere. I'll lose it.
  9. I went on a really hard walk today up giant hills just to feel something different than this pain.
  10. I keep showering and bathing in scalding hot water.
  11. I'm antsy.
  12. I just have no idea.