1. I got a new design job this week and the woman I'm working with is really great. We clicked. That almost never happens for me in a real and genuine way. I think we will be long term friends.
  2. I made an offer on a new flip house. My 18 mos historical home project is going on the market next week so it's time to start over.
  3. I'm in the beginning stages of starting a new business. My work is creative and so fun. I feel so lucky to be here right now.
  4. I signed up for a 3 day a week ass kicking at the gym with a 3 month commitment. Oh! And got talked into a personal trainer once a week as well. Scared.
  5. Starting to get my house in order again. I've let things sort of fall apart in the last month. Working on a more scheduled and balanced life. Working on being more polite to my kids. Being cheerful more often.
  6. Spring is springing. 🌺 🦋🌷🌻