1. Mom
    Born in Mexico in a German Mennonite colony. She and her family moved to California when she was 5 after my uncle was born with cerebral palsy. She taught herself English by watching Bewitched and Gilligan's Island.
  2. Dad
    Born and raised in Indiana. Good parents, 2 loser brothers that have been married a collective 99 times with a collective 88 baby mamas. My dad is the "good son". Normal as can be. Doesn't borrow money, that kind of thing.
  3. Mom
    Had a ton of responsibility her whole life with a handicapped brother, a much younger sister, and parents that worked all the time.
  4. Dad
    Started a band in high school called The Tuna Fish Blues. Ended up moving to Fullerton, Ca with his bestie to go to college.
  5. Mom
    College was discouraged by my grandparents. She was needed at home. BUT she went anyway. To Fullerton, Ca.
  6. Mom and Dad
    Met, dated, got engaged. Had sex one time and here I am. That's the actual story they're sticking to. She was 18, he was 20. Peach and ruffles wedding. Since they were married in '79 and I was born in '80, it took me all of 6 years to do the math. Unless I was born 7 mos early.... Mom sat me down when I was 18 with flushed cheeks and shaky hands to reveal what I'd known for a long time. Scandal!
  7. Dad
    He's a shit stirrer. When he met my ultra religious conservative man hating grandma, he had an Afro haircut and cracked a bunch of dumb jokes. I can't imagine a 20 year old version of my dad with my ESL Mennonite grandma back in the day. Cringeworthy. My dads parents loved my mom right away.
  8. Mom
    Had that one year of freedom bliss in college and then went back to huge responsibility. I'm sure it was hard, but my childhood was great. My mom wore tiny shorts (dad did too) and tiny tank tops with no bra. She was/is beautiful. She cooked with us, played with us on the floor, wallpapered the crap out of every room in our house, sewed my Barbie clothes, life was an eternal summer day with sprinklers and homemade cookies.
  9. Dad
    Worked. He coached my brothers t-ball team one year. Other than that, I hardly place him in my childhood. Not in a bad way, I learned my work ethic from him. But he worked. And worked. He's hated every single job he's ever had, but he goes to work. Every. Single. Day. Rain or shine. He's still like that.
  10. Mom
    Went back to school in her 30s and teaches 2nd grade in a low income school. She LOVES her job. She prays with kids, provides for them when the parents can't, and has met her very best friends there. She happily works 10 hour days.
  11. Dad
    Drives me crazier with each passing year. He pushes all the buttons. Makes all the comments. Doesn't let an opportunity slide by to crack a joke, even if it's mean. His passion is TV. Name an obscure show on an obscure channel and he's seen every episode. I can only take small doses. My kids love him. He is teaching my daughter to play the guitar. All good there. He doesn't age. He's almost 60 and people think we are a couple all the time. Gag
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