Fastest list I've ever written. I'm in tune with my annoyingness.
  1. I wake up earlier than him, but stay in bed longer... pretending to sleep or checking my email.
  2. I stuff the trash super full and blame him for not taking it out sooner instead of just taking it out myself. Because it's his job.
  3. I say things like, "It's your job."
  4. I eat in bed.
  5. I make Sloppy Joe's. He hates them, but I crave those spaghetti burgers once in awhile.
  6. I buy off brand mayo.
  7. I invite my family to stay with us several times a year.
  8. I spend a lot on essential oils. And vitamins. And juice from Pressed Juicery.
  9. I buy something on Amazon almost every day. Cardboard boxes up the yin yang. More trash problems.
  10. I let my gas light come on regularly.