Florence, Italy Feb 2016 Thank you for the request @Diplomatic_diva !
  1. Trattoria Za Za
    We relied heavily on Trip Advisor and it did not disappoint. This place has4 stars and nearly 8000 reviews.
  2. And here it is. Best meal of my life. Ravioli in truffle cream sauce
    Half eaten because I was viscerally reacting.
  3. My travel partner ordered some sort of pasta that was also delicious, but after she tried mine, she ordered this and ate it instead.
  4. We both bought the ingredients and smuggled them all over Europe and back to the U.S.
  5. But I haven't attempted it because I don't want to ruin this perfect meal.
  6. There were other yummy things about this meal like the bread and wine and ambiance which were all out of a Hollywood movie set in Italy. But this simple plate was the star. ⭐️