Actually pretty great.
  1. I was 18
  2. A couple of us went down to visit a friend at Pepperdine. When we got there, he was with these huge dudes with thick accents.
  3. One of them was Russian and his dad made vodka. Or so his cliche story goes. Whatever his dad did for a living, he sent his kid across the world to a private college in Malibu. So maybe.
  4. We drank his dad's vodka. Not an easy first drink. But we made it work.
  5. We walked all over campus which is dreamy anyway. But walking around tipsy at sunset overlooking the ocean was 💯.
  6. We went to a Thai restaurant on PCH. They were closing, but stayed open for us. We ordered tons of food and drinks. Turns out, they knew the Russian. He paid the bill at the end. Who was this kid?
  7. The waiter busted out a karaoke machine and I sang GnR Paradise City. More than once.
  8. I honestly don't remember anything after that. Because it was a long time ago- not because I blacked out thank God.
  9. Fun list! I had fun remembering this night!