I do my best work under pressure anyway...
  1. I have 30+ people coming for Thanksgiving. Hosting!
  2. Haven't done a thing to prepare! Other than over thinking the entire thing and pinning recipes I'll never make.
  3. Today was the day! Hubby is home! He has been meditating so he can have a helpful spirit and can-do attitude.
  4. And I woke up with pink eye. No joke.
  5. Can't even open my right eye. Borrowed my son's eye patch from his pirate costume.
  6. And now I'm going to lay on the couch and tell my husband what do do all day. He loves it when I do that. Marriage!
  7. I'll Lysol everything in a couple of days so I don't spread this glorious infection too all of my unknowing guests.
  8. So gross. I feel disgusting. And it hurts more than it should.
  9. Wish us luck....