1. Woke up a little hungover.
  2. Got out of bed and made both waffles and pancakes because preferences in shape & texture are strong in this house.
  3. Drank 2 cups of coffee by the pool. So zen.
  4. Not zen. Kids and their sleepover buddy want to jump in the trampoline and there are leaves! and tiny rocks!
  5. Got out the leaf blower. Did the dirty work. Kids jump for 30 seconds and declare they are too hungry to jump.
  6. Had an unsatisfying lunch.
  7. Watched college football.
  8. Discovered the cholometrics video on Facebook. Watched it twice. Go look it up.
    "El Monito Cabron"
  9. More football. And guacamole. And some napping.
  10. Dropped one kid off at a friends house and gave the other a bath.
  11. Now I'm in bed watching Bridesmaids and drinking water.
  12. Tada! I made it through the day.