I have anxiety. I'm socially awkward at times. I'm a highly sensitive person. I'm an introvert. Lots of labels. Sometimes I try to break out and work against this stuff.
  1. I went out to breakfast by myself this morning.
    It got me thinking. Maybe I'd like to join other people for breakfast to have an adult conversation once in awhile.
  2. So I started a FB group and invited all the moms I know in town. I know 26 which surprised me actually.
  3. Trying not to check it too much or place value in the response. But it's hard! I tried this once before. I invited 12 or so women over for wine and cheese one night. 3 really random people showed up and one used it as an opportunity to sell us multi level marketing face lotion. It wasn't a total loss - we drank a lot of wine and laughed a lot.
  4. I just crave having a good friend group. But I've been burned a lot in friendships so I am super hesitant to get too close to people. The friends that survive are somewhat pushy or a little impervious.
  5. My sense of humor is different. I'm sarcastic, but not mean. I'm clever. People don't always get me. If they do, it's later, in the shower. I don't like to gossip. I don't obsess about food or working out. I'm a pretty liberal Christian and open minded. I'm easy going, but sensitive. I'm a little closed up and hard to read at times.
  6. My mix doesn't make friends easily. Or I attract really disturbed people in need of a good friend during the worst time of their life. Which works great for them, but sucks me dry emotionally.
  7. I'm probably just going about it the wrong way. But I'm proud of myself for trying.