16 Amazing Nancy Grace Hashtags

My dream job is to run her Twitter page
  1. #ToiletBaby
    Hands down my all time fave
  2. #VacuumSex
    My interest is piqued
  3. #BakedCat
    The full tweet: A mild-mannered cat enthusiast allegedly skins and cooks his own cat after he says he wanted to try it w/onions. Why do I even bother writing when this exists?
  4. #BoxOfInfants
    I just wish it could be Box O' Infants
  5. #PervHouse
    Sounds like my kind of amusement park attraction
  6. #TooFatToKill
    What do I think? I think you're a cunt
  7. #TotInWasher
    Fun Fact: Nancy single handedly revived the word tot with #totmom during the Casey Anthony trial
  8. #4thOfJulyMiracle
    Not so bad but why is being murdered after eating at Applebee's a miracle?
  9. #DrunkMercedesGirl
    This is the best description ever
  10. #ShoppingCartPorn
    Does this have a section on PornHub?
  11. #HotCupOfPoison
    Almost down homey
  12. #MurderForPizza
    I get it
  13. #BabyInDryer
    Not #TotInDryer? I hope the social media director was fucking fired
  14. #HIVMurder
  15. #PregMomRunOver
    How did this not get trending?
  16. #CrockPotWifeKiller
    End with my other fave
  17. #neverforget
    Use the hashtag #toiletbaby to share your thoughts! No one thought this was so, so wrong