Clearly I have a pressing deadline and I did this instead. Let it be known, I love this video unironically. Also I worked way too fucking hard on this
  1. The first glimpse of mick's shoes
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    You just know something great is about to happen and it is!
  2. Mick's slide whistle move
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    The choreography in this video is all things I do when I'm drunk interpretive dancing to Wuthering Heights
  3. Mick's choreography when he says "calling out!" Is spot on
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    If he wasn't saying calling out I would still get it. That's good choreography
  4. When Bowie first appears and does a wobbly knee move
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    That trench and pants were made for this oldey timey wobbly knee move
  5. He jumps!
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    Bowie enters the ring with aplomb!
  6. And an Egyptian move too!
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  7. Mick's like "oh no he didunt!"
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    Mick Jagger gives good face
  8. This moment where you know they want to fuck
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    And I always scream "do it!"
  9. It doesn't matter what you wear
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  10. Mick drinks a soda for some reason
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  11. They bump butts!!
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  12. I'm beginning to think they did their own choreography
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  13. Yep. Bowie was like how about I kick though this door a few times.
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  14. Mick is like how about I look sexy right now?
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  15. USSR!
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  16. On the streets of Brazil!
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  17. Bowie shade!!!
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  18. Come on guys, you're not even trying anymore
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    And I love it!!
  19. The end. Get it?
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    Time to watch again! Everyone in the coffee place where I wrote this loves me!!!