Best Moments in the Jagger/bowie Dancing in the Streets Video

Clearly I have a pressing deadline and I did this instead. Let it be known, I love this video unironically. Also I worked way too fucking hard on this
  1. The first glimpse of mick's shoes
    You just know something great is about to happen and it is!
  2. Mick's slide whistle move
    The choreography in this video is all things I do when I'm drunk interpretive dancing to Wuthering Heights
  3. Mick's choreography when he says "calling out!" Is spot on
    If he wasn't saying calling out I would still get it. That's good choreography
  4. When Bowie first appears and does a wobbly knee move
    That trench and pants were made for this oldey timey wobbly knee move
  5. He jumps!
    Bowie enters the ring with aplomb!
  6. And an Egyptian move too!
  7. Mick's like "oh no he didunt!"
    Mick Jagger gives good face
  8. This moment where you know they want to fuck
    And I always scream "do it!"
  9. It doesn't matter what you wear
  10. Mick drinks a soda for some reason
  11. They bump butts!!
  12. I'm beginning to think they did their own choreography
  13. Yep. Bowie was like how about I kick though this door a few times.
  14. Mick is like how about I look sexy right now?
  15. USSR!
  16. On the streets of Brazil!
  17. Bowie shade!!!
  18. Come on guys, you're not even trying anymore
    And I love it!!
  19. The end. Get it?
    Time to watch again! Everyone in the coffee place where I wrote this loves me!!!