Nice try cities...
  1. Rancho Cucamonga
    Sounds like a Martin Denny record, looks like McMansion hell. 0/5 Singapore Slings
  2. City of Industry
    No robots. No Kraftwerk and Gary Numan music being piped in. There is a Lumber Liquidators.
  3. Hawaiian Gardens
    If I was Hawaii I'd sue this shithole for defamation.
  4. Agoura
    Makes you think of agoraphobia. Don't be fooled. All the motherfucking idiots who live here leave the house
  5. Placentia
    Sounds like a town built on feminist ideals and populated with warrior women. Nope, it's a town in right wing OC. BONUS: right next to Yorba Linda, Dick Nixon's hometown. So it's possible he got a handie as a teen in a Placentia citrus ranch. I don't know... Maybe that's cool