1. Robert Mitchum
    No explanation needed
  2. Paul Newman
    Young Philadelphians era is best but I'd fuck him up to his dying day
  3. Serge Gainsbourg
    I can't help it. I know he'd probably just throw up on my pussy at some point
  4. Marlon Brando
    Up to Last Tango in Paris
  5. Joe Strummer
    Only bad teeth I'll accept
  6. Marc Bolan
    Glam fuck
  7. Lou Reed
    Might be to sensitive as an old. Velvet Underground days
  8. JFK Jr
    Just to piss dumb girls off
  9. Dean Martin
    Jerry Lewis bad mouthing post fuck
  10. Jay Sebring
    Sure, I'd like to be interviewed about the Manson case
  11. James Gandolfini
    I want to fuck Tony Soprano so closest I can get but not really since he's dead
  12. Tupac
    I just want to say I fucked Tupac as much as possible
  13. Steve McQueen
    Him and Newman can DP me anytime
  14. Malcolm X
    Sex scandal. He looks like a great rage fuck
  15. Jesus
    He might surprise me. Looks like a gentle lover might be choking me asap who knows