Famous Deaths I Was Obsessed With as a Kid

I had no life when I was a kid, some things never change!
  1. Gig Young
    I had long been obsessed with suicide, so murder/suicide definitely upped the wtf factor. They Shoot Horses, Don't They? Was my childhood catchphrase
  2. Karen Carpenter
    I could not grasp Anorexia as a child. The KC obsession continued as an adult. I have seen both biopics. obviously the Todd Haynes version is tops, but the Cynthia Gibb one is TV movie heaven
  3. Jayne Mansfield
    It had me at decapitation
  4. Anissa Jones
    Family Affair was a fave. I wanted to be Buffy. I couldn't believe someone that adorable could OD
  5. Diane Linkletter
    Like the Helen Hunt angel dust after school special in real life, even though it turned out to not be true.
  6. Jack Cassidy
    Burned alive. Oy. Luckily my fucked up childhood gave me the insight to say to myself "at least he was probably black out drunk when it happened"
  7. Vic Morrow
    Again decapitation, but via helicopter blade.
  8. Lupe Velez
    I prefer the Kenneth Anger version, an attempt to have a romantic suicide that went horribly wrong, when she woke up from her pill OD went to vomit and drowned in the toilet. As Nancy Grace would say #ToiletBaby (call back to earlier list)