My Favorite Books as a Kid

This probably explains everything about me
  1. Jackie Oh!
    My nana had it. I read a few other Kitty Kelly bios the Nancy Reagan one is the best. It's my go to beach read recommendation. I often tell people Nancy Reagan was the Blow Job Queen of Hollywood. Yes, I'm used to blank stares
  2. Helter Skelter
    I saw the TV movie one Saturday afternoon on TV and had to read the book. I wanted to marry Bugliosi.
  3. Sybil
    Another TV movie I was obsessed with, those amateur gynecology scenes made my own shitty childhood seem almost Pollyanna-ish. Highly recommend Sybil Exposed as well.
  4. Go Ask Alice
    Anti drug propaganda at its finest, but as a kid I thought it was powerful.
  5. Valley of the Dolls
    Most little girls want to be a princess when they grow up, I wanted to be a pill popper
  6. Gnomes
    This book had a pic of gnome tits in it. It was my bible. When my nana died it was one if the only things I asked for. No one fought me for it.
  7. Hollywood Babylon
    I was the rare child with a comprehensive knowledge of the Fatty Arbuckle scandal. This book had me at 'graphic images'
  8. Flowers in the Attic
    I was obsessed with incest as a kid. In other news, please look for my memoir in the near future