I want to collect them all.
  1. Visiting Day
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    My mom never took me to visit my dad in jail. Would have been such a great chapter in my memoir
  2. I Wish Daddy Didn't Drink So Much
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    I once saw a similar book but all the characters were bears. One of the bear kids was a sad clown and tried to make his drunk dad laugh by putting a paper bag on his head. That was me. I regret not buying it every day
  3. The Night Dad Went to Jail
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  4. Cooking With Pooh
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    Come on...
  5. My Kitten
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    I love this child but I hope the kitten is okay
  6. Pooh Gets Stuck
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    They're just fucking with us now, right?
  7. Joined At Birth
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    I would have been all over this as a kid
  8. Latawnya the Naughty Horse learns to Say No to Drugs
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    This is the only thing on my Amazon. wishlist
  9. Don't Make Me Go Back, Mommy
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    Was I the only one obsessed with the McMartin Preschool trial as a kid?
  10. Maggie Goes on a Diet
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    I hope the ending is Maggie telling everyone to fuck off
  11. Where Willy Went
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    I saw a lot of sperm as a kid and it wasn't this cute
  12. 9/11 Coloring Book
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  13. Love You Forever
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    I'm down with this book until the old lady climbs into her adult son's bedroom window and holds him like a baby