I just listed these off the top of my head, not sensing a theme here.
  1. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
    I remember watching this and thinking "I want to be her when I grow up" about Baby Jane
  2. The Little Princess
    I really related to being treated like shit but knowing you were better than everyone else despite it all
  3. The Bad Seed
    I begged my mom to get me tap shoes after seeing this. I really related to how Rhonda used charm to cover up her dark side
  4. Annie
    I had huge adoption fantasies as a child. I still think I could play Annie if everyone would just take a chance
  5. Frances
    I spent my whole childhood feeling like everyone was gas lighting me, so I always related to people having nervous breakdowns.
  6. The Jerk
    I declared this the funniest movie ever as a child. I haven't seen it in awhile since I'm afraid of ruining my memory. But I watch the beach scene between Martin and Peters all the time