I went to a pool party today. I only knew the host, and it was a bunch of old school studio musicians. Heres some highlights
  1. Someone at this party took out an acoustic guitar and asked for requests and I said "Do you know Rape Me?" Then he played Under the Bridge
  2. Guest: I brought a cherry pie Me: I hope I don't drop a slice on my pussy later
  3. A black guy said I reminded him of a Richard Pryor bit about white pussy me: heeeeey, noooow!
  4. Guest: this song is about abortion, should we change it? There are kids here. Me: abortion is a good thing
  5. People talking about blues music Me: my favorite blues band is Joy Division
  6. Host: should we play Prince? Me: Pussy Control is my theme song
  7. People at the party were talking about the gorilla being shot and were outraged Me: what if the gorilla was Donkey Kong?
  8. They put on Toto Me: my pussy just got drier than California
  9. Still on Toto: Me: I'm pretty sure my mom fucked every guy in this band
  10. Me as Toto's Rosanna plays: it's 'eat you all the way" he's like imma eat that pussy bitch.
    This actually brought the house down
  11. I was the hero of the party
  12. Oh this was my pool party look: