Just a few...
  1. Quint from Jaws
    I'm pretty sure as a kid I remember thinking "This is a fucking man"
  2. Tony Soprano
    May not be the best in bed but probably wouldn't mind if I ate a meatball sub while I rode him
  3. Gar from Mask played by Sam Elliot
    Mustache rides 4eva
  4. Seymour in Ghost World played by Steve Buscemi
    It would be fun to get him to throw the fuck down
  5. Ned Stark played by Sean Bean
    I want him to be my dad and my boyfriend
  6. Bruce Banner played by Bill Bixby
    One time I had sex with a guy just because he played this show 's theme song at a party
  7. Mr.French from Family Affair
    I want a fuck butler
  8. Grady from Sanford and Son
    No explanation necessary