Further Art Stuff

Here's the original list Appreciation Post
  1. So, I really buckled down today and got quite a bit done in the hour or so I worked on it
  2. Here's about where I started on him
  3. Then I did the hands and the arm out of frame and the neck and the eyes
  4. Here's an awkward angle of the arms mentioned
  5. Here's some hair blocking
  6. This looks like such a tumblr picture but here's me starting on the hair
    Tumblr caption: eyes are a window into the soul, too bad mine are clouded
  7. Not done with the hair or brows yet but this is about where I left it at for today
  8. I really wish you could put pictures that aren't square without having to edit them
  9. here he is from an awkward angle
    Basically Dan Howell just with green eyes
  10. Ooh look at me I fixed it even though I took the actual picture crooked