Get Ready With Me (Exam Day)

  1. Wake up and realize you forgot to do English homework because you studied for your exam instead
    The next step is to open your eyes
  2. But stead we're just going to cover ourselves in more blankets
  3. Do that homework after laying there for far too long (use a blanket to two warm)
    After that I always like to check the weather so I know what to wear
  4. Mildly straighten your hair (like yourself) and wish it was shorter (unlike yourself)
    Blanket still optional
  5. Now we're going to put in our contacts and brush our teeth
    With minimal crying, you've done it
  6. Put shit under your eyes so you look alive and dream about cleaning your drawer
    Other stuff optional
  7. (You put your hair into a ponytail because it was probably going there anyway)
  8. Now it's time to get dressed
  9. My look of the day is "I don't care"
  10. Think of wearing @lesbian 's favorite shirt
  11. Decide not to
    Go with your high school soccer team shirt
  12. Once you have something on from both teams you play for you're good
  13. Eat cereal and cry because you're watching supernatural
  14. Every time deans a bean say he doesn't deserve this
  15. Remember how much you hate John Winchester
  16. Restart the process with yogurt
  17. Try to open a pack of string cheese with your mouth and fail
  18. Cry because deans so pretty
    Repeat this step a lot because he's just so pretty
  19. Say goodbye to duke
  20. Remember how much you'll miss him
  21. Get in the car and wait for your mom
  22. And wait
    That's her
  24. Cry because you know you're going to fail and deal with yourself
    And embrace your inner fuckboy today