1. Make plans for your friends birthday
  2. Wait for your other friend to text back so it can b a surprise
    This step could take about two hours
  3. Reject your first two plans because it doesn't please everyone
  4. Settle on something that makes you uncomfortable but you'll do it because you love your friend
  5. Try and set a time
    This step could also take a while
  6. Have the friend who the surprise is for say she can only do it at six
  7. Set the time for six
  8. Have your friend who rejected your ideas cancel
    This is the first cancelation, you're almost there
  9. Text the friend that the surprise is for to meet you at a location
  10. Have them tell you they actually decided to go to a state park and may be an hour and a half late
  11. Say okay and move the plans
  12. Have them text you AGAIN canceling all together
    Congratulations! You've done it! You've been canceled on twice!
  13. Now the only thing to do is to remember all the other times you've been canceled on
  14. Additional steps:
    Just if you feel inclined to
  15. Complain to your girlfriend
    I can't believe Captain Marvel is a @lesbian either
  16. Put on your bracelet that raises awareness for human trafficking and the proceeds from the bracelets fund a safe house in India/Nepal for girls rescued from human trafficking
  17. Put on that shirt that reminds you to be gay
    Even though grace hates it
  18. Go to a French restaurant with your sister
  19. And that's how you get canceled on folks