My Balls,,,my Soccer Balls

I apologize for this
  1. This one is named Cameron/BB8
    Someone left him at one of the fields we practice at and I took him home I thought he looked like a cameron and then Star Wars came out and I thought he looked like BB8
  2. His name is Ren
    Yes after Kylo
  3. This is PJ
    After Liguori and because I wanted it to have Patrick in its name
  4. This is Pete/ Matt the Radar Technician
    I don't know why Pete wentz and Matt the radar technician correlated in my mind but it did
  5. This is Levi
    They look like they're being taken over by leviathans so I just went with it
  6. He is Michael/Louis
    Why? No clue he just looked like a Michael but also a Louis ((not from one direction what are you talking about)))
  7. This is Duo
    She is named after Han Solo and his relentless complaining of the cold because we left her in the snow for 2(?) days and also Harrison Ford's segment with Colbert
  8. I'm sorry for this trash