1. "Our lord and savior"
  2. Why are you on a phone Kate
  3. You guys are entertaining and all but I'm getting a hernia with the static and rasp I'm sorry
  4. What did your mom think of it Kate?
  5. Why am I trying to roast you guys I've literally said all of these things
  6. What a soft piece of bread that Niall boy is
  7. "Who among us hasn't violently masturbated in a hotel in Japan"
  8. Our little Irish princess
  9. Why the Ed Sheeran bites
  10. How is media studying going
  11. When you wear that bear latex bear suit, make sure you list about it
  12. God dropping nourishment from above for Harry the woodland created honestly what is this
  13. "Here's a ripe avocado"
  14. Give me all the Niall moments
  15. Fucking terrible I tell ya -Niall Horan
  16. Roll my eyes at Edward
  17. "He still mates with" honestly
  18. This list is also possibly about Kate and Bri
  19. *talks about how they don't like the lyrics to Don't*
  20. *adds the Don't sound bite in every five seconds*
  21. The lion tat is real
  22. "When you say does it, you do mean having sex, right?" Get it together Kate
  23. Bri apparently spends quite a bit of time in dinners
  24. Tell Kathleen I agree with her
    With the whole Niall looks like he's never seen the inside of a vagina
  25. I had to stop live listing this because I went running so I'm finishing it later don't tune in for a part two
    Honestly it's great and entertaining so
  26. Have your publicists write to me and tell me never to list about you guys again