Requested by @lesbian
@lesbian you suck and I'm telling you why
  1. There are so many wow
  2. Where to start though
  3. She says things like "ok look" and "I cannot believe" AND DOESN'T ELABORATE
  4. That's it that's all she says
  5. Not to mention the endless strings of "actually me" "oml what" "that's mE"
  6. She's a problematic fave
  7. Have I mentioned the LOOKS she gives you
    It's this thing that's in between "I fucking hate you" and "why do I talk to you"
  8. She does it all the time !!!
  9. She doesn't appreciate my sense of humor
  10. Only talks to me to get to my dog
    I've been told so many times you cannot beLIEVE THE STRESS SHE GIVES ME
  11. She actually LET'S me continue to talk about supernatural
    Even though we know it's tearing both of our lives apart
  12. She complains about Rick being in the walking dead when he's that main character
    She complains about a lot of stuff don't let me go on
  13. Grace likes my mom more than she likes me
  14. Insists we be a cute couple and have a tumblr tag
    That's already tAKEN
  15. She cyber bullied and peer pressured me into getting this app
    Report her !!!
  16. Her brother is cooler then her
  17. Cute as hell though so all of this is okay
  18. Here's another picture of her just because I love it
  19. Everything gives her menopause