1. Will make you a grilled cheese anytime of the day or night
  2. Always willing to eat pasta literally three times a day hit me up
  3. I color code things when I get the stresses
  4. I'll literally rewatch what ever you want how ever many times you want to because I love rewatching things
    Especially if it's supernatural or parks and rec or the walking dead or castle or Dan and Phil; virtually anything
  5. You wanna stay up late? 4? 5am? Let's do it
  6. I believe in the Oxford comma
  7. I remember your favorite type of pizza
  8. Always here for the positives
  9. I art so there's paint everywhere all the time and there's art strewn everywhere
  10. I've got Bill Clinton jokes
  11. Boot cut jeans don't have a place in my life
  12. Is always here for emotional and mental support
  13. Will over analyze things and fall into a spiral of just wild shit
    You could be considered the mentally stable one
  14. My mom
  15. My dog
  16. Downside:
  17. You'll have to vacuum because I hate vacuuming (too loud) but I will put up dishes and make beds and dust
  18. ,,,
  19. We can basically be destiel or Phan so??? Hit me up??