He shouldn't so this is a list about why he shouldn't block me inspired/requested by @transgender
  1. I'm me
    That's more of a reason TO block me
  2. Have you met my dog?
    That's why @lesbian is here
  3. I can understand fall out boy songs
  4. I always have bad jokes
  5. I'm worth at least six goats
  6. I can relate everything to supernatural
  7. I mean seriously my dog though
  8. I can recite Dan and Phil videos
    Almost all I mean cOME ON MAN
  9. I ship stormpilot
  10. I don't ship wincest
    I mean that's a #1 reason right there
  11. I'm basically Harry Styles
    I wear practically the same black skinny jeans everyday, I always wear boots, my hair ??
  12. That's why you shouldn't block me
    And this is some gOOD SHIT