Thanks @nathanveshecco for requesting it because I really wanted to do it
  1. Spicy Papa
  2. Swiggity Swaggity
  3. All I Own is Plaid
    Ft. Sam and Dean
  4. Unanswered Phone Calls
    Ft. My Angry Dad ™
  5. Thanks for the Memeories
  6. I Rewatched It
    Referring to supernatural, the walking dead, parks and rec, castle, etc
  8. Feng shui (of a seat)
  9. I Want To Cut All My Hair Off
    Ft. Me and my fear of change
  10. Waste Basket
  11. He Chewed Up My Chapstick
    Ft. Duke (my dog)
  12. Fringe Fix
    Ft. Dan Howell and Phil Lester