Things That Help You Learn a Lot About Someone

  1. What type of underwear they wear
  2. What their favorite MCR era is
  3. Do they ship wincest or destiel or think everyone in supernatural is straight
  4. Do they sleep in shorts, pants, or neither
  5. What they think about 2012 Dan
  6. How they pronounce Conchbar
    And is it 'Connor'
  7. Do they prefer sweatshirts or zip-ups
  8. Favorite Kanye tweet
  9. Who do they feel is most like them in Parks and Rec
  10. Striped or plaid
  11. What's their favorite Pete Wentz hair
  12. Can they confidently ask for no mushrooms on their food or do they pick it off themselves
  13. If they say butter or margarine
  14. What's in their pockets
  15. Do they like cilantro