Requested by @LeahG
I actually tried??? I'm sorry??
  1. For some reason I can't watch Wallace and Gromit or Sean the Sheep because one night when my parents were away, (I was younger and my grandparents were watching us) I stayed up later then I was suppose to watching the little shorts on Disney and I think I had a bad dream or something??
    And I woke up to it in the middle of the night frEAKING OUT?? but now I can't watch it with without being SUPER creeped out and I don't understand why¿¿
  2. I only eat my ice cream (and basically everything) with a fork, and the only spoons I use are orange leaf ones because I'm gross trash
  3. I once broke my mom's window because my dog and I were running chasing each other around the house and one of us (((totally not me??))) slipped and sent the coat wrack through the window