Inspired by @semioccasional
  1. They're in a place and time where their day has become longer then our day so daily is also longer
  2. Alien abduction
  3. They decided to fight a large panda and lost because they couldn't fight an adorable face like that and now cannot face the list community
  4. A large (or small) animal consumed them
  5. They partied and got drunk with @bjnovak and now it's this big thing because they weren't suppose to touch the golden moose and they touched the moose and now there's a thing with the moose and bj and we're just not allowed to talk about it
  6. They ate a wonky pretzel
  7. They heard Pillow Talk and now cannot function
  8. This incident with a paper clip, a rabbit, and canned pineapple (we don't talk about that either)
  9. They're following a band around on tour and reception is going in and out
  10. They got a new dog