A follow-up to my pet peeves: PET PEEVES AT THE GYM
  1. When someone lets you know how many sets they have left when they notice you stalking a machine
    Or, even nicer, they offer to let you work in
  2. Other ladies in the weights area
    Solidarity. 🏋🏼
  3. When someone asks you how to use a machine or for tips on their form
    I'm always too afraid to do this and proud of those who do. Also, bonus ego boost knowing they think I know what I'm doing.
  4. The small nods and hellos from other regulars
    Key factor: they acknowledge you. They do NOT strike up conversations.
  5. Making eye contact with someone and sharing a knowing glance when someone else does something weird/funny/impressive.
  6. Seeing women kick ass and do a bunch of pull-ups/squats/etc.
  7. Women who compliment each other, whether on form or clothes
  8. When someone realizes you're making a beeline for the one open squat rack and gets out of the way
  9. Women who just hang out naked in the locker room
    This used to weird me out. But now, I'm just envious of their confidence and appreciate all the different shapes and sizes.
  10. Other people who drop a barbell or do something else embarrassing
    Phew, I'm not the only one who does dumb stuff.
  11. When someone is impressed by the weight you just lifted
    There's a fine line between flattery and creepiness/sexism/condescension, though.