Thank you, Aziz.
  1. Bounce house
  2. I don't want kids because they're gross and they get it
  3. Addresses sexism to the max
  4. Ravi Patel!
  5. I totally got when Rachel prob didn't want to be mad at Dev for the whole flight thing but couldn't get over it but then did.
  6. Burpees guy
  7. Plan B and questions around what can get a girl pregnant
  8. I don't want any lasers in my home!
  9. Is @mindy real?!
  10. The flashback scenes
  11. The "old people" ep makes me think of and miss terribly my grandparents
    I actually cried multiple times during this ep (always with a smile)
  12. Paro
  13. Blacklist references
  14. The ep when Dev and Rachel move in hits close to home.
    Moving in together changes a relationship SO much. And it can take more than a few weeks to push through and figure out how to cohabitate and still be a couple.
  15. Yelp and the Internet makes dining decisions way harder
  16. Dev's fantasies
  17. Dev and Rachel's hypothetical vows
    Are you ever REALLY sure??
  18. Eric as Arnold
  19. Tastee from OITNB. Netflix fam love.
    Don't fuck up my Friends money!
  20. I'm sad we've already finished the season!
    Let the rewatch commence.
  21. Car Man