1. Hair
    Specifically, detached human hairs. I can't walk around my own home barefoot and showers are gross. Can't take baths. I was the kid that took 5x longer to get to the indoor pool for lessons because I was tiptoeing as I watched my every step. Wet tile floors are the SCARIEST.
  2. Falling down flights of stairs
  3. Dying and having a family member find old diaries and journals and other inappropriate/embarrassing things
  4. House fires
    Obviously something no one wants, but a close friend and her entire family was killed in a house fire on Halloween in 1998. It's stuck with me as a very major fear.
  5. Car accidents
  6. Being raped
  7. Being accused of something I didn't do
  8. Having all the gossip I partake in get back to me
  9. Ticks
    I once found one on my leg at summer camp and have been paranoid ever since.
  10. Bugs crawling up my nose
  11. Leeches
  12. Having my google search history made public (including everything searched in incognito mode)
    Recently I've started using Bing for embarrassing searches because no one will ever look at what I've searched there.