I thought I'd eat well today before dinner at 6. I thought wrong.
  1. Quest bar
    Protein! Healthy! Should tide me over!
  2. Chocolate chip cookie
    Just one. What's the big deal?
  3. Peppermint patty
    Make my breath good.
  4. Large Diet Coke from McDonald's
    Gotta make sure McDonald's isn't lonely on the holiday on the way to my parents' house
  5. Two malted milk balls
    They were out at my parents'
  6. 3 cans of Diet Coke
    Throughout the day. Better than beer?
  7. Cinnamon roll
    My mom made them. I couldn't not eat one.
  8. Chocolate covered cranberries
    Dove. So good.
  9. Trail mix
    Put it out for guests. Ate all the m&ms.
  10. Old fashioned
    With my dad.
  11. Fingerful of frosting
    Had to make sure it was good enough for the cupcakes
  12. A few grapes
  13. Beer
    Rogues Dead Guy Ale
  14. Mini marshmallows
    For the sweet potato biscuits
  15. Vodka and cranberry Sprite Zero
  16. A sweet potato marshmallow biscuit
  17. It's almost dinner time!!