I realize many of these aren't logical, but damn, does it make me freak out. Feel free to share yours. We're all a little crazy.
  1. Small talk
  2. Standing around a table talking instead of just taking our seats
  3. Not getting in line
  4. Being far back in line with the possibility whatever we're waiting for will run out
  5. Cutting it too close on timing for the airport or movies
  6. Changing channels during commercials
  7. Going on tangents during meetings
  8. Not getting the check
  9. Having to wait on others to do things
  10. Forever 21
  11. Southwest boarding
  12. Not getting my 3pm Diet Coke
  13. Not knowing what exit to take in 10 miles
  14. Feeling like no one is listening to me
  15. Disruptions to my routine