A Moment of Unbridled Nerd Joy

I feel victorious right now and just had to share. It's about the get nerdy.
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    So I have this very cool DJI Phantom drone. It's the most fun toy I've had since N64.
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    This past wkend, as I was landing it, a strong gust of wind combined with my novice piloting skills took it into the side of a rock hill and it tumbled down 6-7 ft before coming to a stop on the trail.
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    I feared the worst. I turned it off and on. No dice.
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    The critical error it gave was "Accelerometer failed".
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    In case you're wondering, an accelerometer is just that. It measures an object's acceleration across x,y,z axes and calculates g force. Without it, the drone's gyroscope is useless.
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    I did a ton of online sleuthing and found nothing useful. Just a bunch of ill advised theories that involved trying your hand at electrical engineering. No thanks.
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    THEN, I checked the sensors' readout on the RC display and saw the accelerometer's y value was -17. Quite odd considering the drone wasn't moving...
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    But, I thought to myself: the accelerometer is probably lodged in place from the crash impact...how can I get it back to zero?
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    Well, I could drop the drone on its legs from roughly 2 ft up, simulating a positive Y g-force hopefully without breaking the drone further.....?
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    Turned off the drone, dropped it carefully (pun intended) from 2 ft up so it would land squarely on its legs.
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    Turned it back on. Prayed.
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    I feel like a poor man's Mark Watney right now and I'm totally ecstatic about that.
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    If you read this far, I'm equally impressed with you.
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