A Quick Trip to My Happy Place! 🌲⛰🐻

I spent my summers growing up in a middle-of-nowhere mountaintop town in the Catskills. It's the coziest place on earth to me. Between the TC Disrupt talk and the li.st live NYC show, @Grosstastic and I shot up north for a few days!
  1. Our beloved Franklin stove. Provides unparalleled coziness.
  2. @Grosstastic sitting on the rock where I proposed to her 😍
  3. A mystical tree seen while hiking around North Lake.
  4. I have a silly tradition of playing scratch off lotto when I come up here. Not sure why. I rarely win, of course. But I love it.
  5. Katterskill Falls!
  6. @Grosstastic atop the falls.
  7. Looking down in the Hudson Valley from the high point of a hike.
  8. Colgate Lake, all sunny like.
  9. Colgate Lake, all gloomy like.
  10. Mmmm....gloom.