An Excellent Last Minute Trip

@Grosstastic had to go to Utah for a week at the last minute to go shoot her fancy TV show. It's been a hectic few months gearing up to launch and then launching @list. Things are going well and I've got an incredible team, so I impulsively shot east to relax and recharge for a hot minute.
  1. The Catskills are keeping themselves very nice this fall.
    Let me at those autumnal hues.
  2. It even made some Grade A gloom one day.
    Mmmm, gloom.
  3. We went on a hike.
    Sappy side note: @fats (they're so cute they share a List App account even though their son made the thing) are celebrating their 47th anniversary this coming week.
  4. Played 3 games of Scrabble against the former world champion. Lost all 3.
    It's a sad day when you're proud of yourself for losing by a narrow margin.
  5. We hiked some more.
    There used to be an incredibly opulent hotel built right out on this cliff in the 1800s, looking down into the Hudson Valley.
  6. Visitors carved their names into the stone.
    "I'll be slightly late to the bridge game, boys. I have to intricately carve my name into stone cliff outside."
  7. My mama and I balanced on a log and enjoyed vistas.
    📷: @fats
  8. This.
  9. Meandering back towards JFK, I went to NYC for 24 hours! I love this train ride.
  10. Hustled out to BK for dinner, ice cream and a slumber party w @Becky and @zachbjork
  11. My elementary school!
  12. In my final hours, I returned to the place of my birth, Park Slope, to hug the shit out of @savoy and her clan. This is her in bitmoji form.
  13. Flying home now! Had an incredible trip, crystallized on some important thoughts that have been swirling around, and excited to get back to my best friend @Grosstastic, Topanga, and @list HQ!