Best Descriptions People Gave of Their List App Invitees: Vol 2

Kudos again to @NKraft for this brilliant list idea.
  1. "Deported from Uganda for seditious journalism"
  2. "My short older sister"
  3. "She was a school celebrity"
  4. "She once used Bagel Bites as a pizza topping because she's a baller"
  5. "Professional cool guy"
  6. "General obsessive person"
  7. "Looks like a model, is obsessed with serial killers, and eats raw cookie dough on the regular"
  8. "Cool guy I recently went on a Tinder date with"
  9. "My wife! Oh my god there will finally be peace in our home."
  10. "This guy coz DUH!!!"
  11. "LES-dwelling roustabout"
  12. "He officiated our wedding. Also he's a NY butt doctor."
  13. "He's like the Israeli version of Charlie from It's Always Sunny."