Did You Know the Nazis Invaded the u.s. During World War Ii???

I didn't. Learned this madness today on one of my favorite podcasts, Stuff You Should Know.
  1. So apparently, during World War II, there were at least 2 separate instances where the Nazis sent small teams (2-8 men) of English-speaking saboteurs to the U.S. eastern seaboard, via U-boats.
    That last part was wild to hear. U-boats were serious, expensive machines. That the Nazis used them for these small, saboteur transport is indicative of how seriously they took these missions.
  2. Their goal was to carry out high yield terrorist attacks; striking fear into the hearts of US civilians and crippling America's industrial hubs that were vital to the war effort.
  3. The first two teams were sent at the same time; one landed on Long Island, the other outside of Jacksonville.
    They brought, amongst other things, crates of explosives and today's equivalent of $1MM in cash.
  4. The leader of the NY team promptly called the FBI, and told them he wished to defect.
  5. Within days, the FBI rounded up all of both team's members.
  6. The leader, expecting to be given citizenship and ticker tape parade, was instead tried along with the others in a military tribunal created via an executive order from FDR.
  7. Days after the sentencing, the leader and his second-in-command who it appeared was also key to the mutiny, had their sentences reduced to life and prison and 30 years respectively.
  8. Apparently J. Edgar Hoover had promised these two pardons. Bold faced lie.
  9. The other saboteurs were promptly were sent to the electric chair.
  10. Two years pass. It's Nov 1944. Enter Team 3: a duo of spies dropped off in Maine intent to spy on and sabotage the Manhattan Project.
  11. They were immediately spotted and reported by a boy scout, and then quickly apprehended by the FBI.
    Yes. That's right. A motherfucking boy scout.
  12. Can you believe this shit? I can't. What's the German term for hot mess.
  13. In 1948, President Truman granted clemency to Team 1's leader and his second for their efforts in the mutiny, but also shipped them back to West Germany.
    (It's no Nantucket, but better than East Germany)
  14. They were not welcomed back in Germany, as they were regarded as traitors who had caused the death of their comrades.
  15. Both died of old age decades later.
  16. Fiction got nothing on the truth, y'all.