Favorite Scrabble Words to Use When the Opportunity Comes Up

These are all legit words only used by folks that are playing for keeps. @fats @Grosstastic suggest away
  1. Xus
  2. Fez
  3. Qis
  4. Jin
  5. Joe
  6. Gox
  7. Zoon
  8. Ova
  9. Za
  10. Xi
    Suggested by   @ChrisK
  11. Suq
    Suggested by   @samantharonson
  12. Adz
    Suggested by   @samantharonson
  13. Qat
    Suggested by   @thom
  14. Zoa. Qi. Adze Xu. Every crazy two letter word is very valuable. Also I like Jo and Qat
    Suggested by   @fats
  15. Qadi!
    Suggested by   @Grosstastic
  16. Cwm
    The only English word without a traditional vowel. Of course it comes from Welsh.
    Suggested by   @seantimberlake