Goals for Upcoming NYC Trip

  1. Pack up all of mine and @Grosstastic's worldly possessions.
    Bye childhood home. See you never again.
  2. Defeat @fats at Scrabble.
    You're going down, old man.
  3. Purge life of accumulated nonsense that we did not, do not, nor will ever need.
    Goodwill is gonna love me. Or hate me. Not sure.
  4. See family.
  5. See friends.
  6. Ride in Prospect Park as much as possible.
  7. Drink the wines that are too old to travel across the US in a moving truck in summer.
    Yeah, I said that. Judge away.
  8. Eat real bagels.
  9. Eat real pizza.
  10. Not sure if this is a forever goodbye to Brooklyn or not, but it feels eerily permanent. 😕
  11. Meet baby Sasha!
    Suggested by   @iei515